Crop Insurance


Actual Production History (APH)

Actual Production History (APH) coverage from Farm Credit Mid-America is multi-peril crop insurance that provides protection against losses in yield due to nearly all natural disasters. For most crops, that includes drought, excess moisture, cold and frost, wind, flooding and unavoidable damage from insects and disease.

Benefits of APH
  • Protection against production loss
  • Based on a producer’s own production history
  • Coverage levels of 50 to 85 percent of the APH in 5 percent increments
  • Coverage on basic and optional units
  • Competitive premiums

How AP Works
  • Establishes a guarantee of bushels per acre
  • Price established by the Federal Crop Insurance Corporation (FCIC)
  • Pays an indemnity if production to count falls below yield guarantee
APH Availability
APH coverage is available for crops (including tobacco) without commodity exchange price discoveries and has both established and additional price elections set by the USDA Risk Management Agency. 
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