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Falling crop prices, rising interest rates and high input costs can challenge any farmer’s balance sheet. But there are still ways to capitalize on opportunities. Having the right knowledge and financial resources can help you weather tough markets. Begin with our Insights report.

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When you need the space to let everyone off the leash or to fix up an old friend, you can trust Farm Credit to help. Explore potential communities with our rural community search tool. And when you're ready to finance your dream home in the country, we're ready too.


Natalie and Greg Gilbert always wanted to see the family farm continue and preserve that history for the next generation. “I think Farm Credit likes to help younger farmers succeed,” says Natalie. “There aren’t many of us out here. Somebody’s got to keep things going, to make the food and the fuel. It’s important that Farm Credit keeps investing in people like us.”

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In the late 1940s, Marcless Sneed Sr. started his Tennessee farm with one acre of land. Nine kids and more than 75 years later, the farm, now run by Ray Sneed and four of his brothers, has grown to several thousand acres. “I always refer to Farm Credit as a partner, because our interests are shared.  When we succeed, they succeed, says Ray. “Once that understanding is there with your agent, you tend not to move because that relationship is much more valuable than half a point in a percentage rate.”

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At Farm Credit, we understand that every farm, business and community is unique. So we let our customers do the talking. Our representatives travel to you and discuss your goals, on your terms, in your fields. Only by truly understanding your needs can we offer the flexible solutions necessary to achieve your dreams. With nearly 100 local offices and more than 1,100 employees throughout Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky and Tennessee, we know what it takes to build a life in the country and we make a point of listening to your unique situation so we can offer equally unique solutions. 

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