Veterans From Diverse Backgrounds Share a Common Goal



Chuck Millhollan and Luis Henriquez share a non-farming background, military experience and a passion for helping rural communities and agriculture succeed.

August 08, 2017    |    News Stories
Farm Credit Mid-America employees Chuck Millhollan and Luis Henriquez spent their formative years in very different environments. Chuck was born and raised in Louisville; Luis grew up in Brooklyn, New York. Yet both men share a non-farming background, military experience and a passion for helping rural communities and agriculture succeed.

Chuck leads the Farm Credit Mid-America process improvement and execution team, which manages strategic initiatives, creates new capabilities and opportunities for workflow within the company, and ultimately enhances Farm Credit’s ability to support and serve its customers.

Chuck is a retired U.S. Navy special duty intelligence officer, serving for 21 years. He worked at several corporate jobs before Farm Credit. “I came to Farm Credit because of the culture and because of the opportunity,” he says. “Prior to working here, I did a training for some Farm Credit Mid-America team members. You could see the passion they had for the Association, for the Farm Credit System and for the customers they served. It sparked my interest.”

Luis serves as a program manager on the process improvement and execution team. He served in the U.S. Army and was stationed in various parts of the United States as well as deployed to Iraq. One of the places the Army took him was San Antonio, Texas, where he met his wife. A job opportunity for her prompted the couple’s move to Louisville.


A cup of coffee and a career change
Luis was working in the health care industry when Chuck called about a year ago. The two men had known each other previously, and Chuck suggested getting together for coffee. It was to catch up, but it was also to see if Luis would be interested in joining Chuck’s team at Farm Credit Mid-America. Ultimately, Luis said yes. Since then he’s embraced the company’s collaborative culture.

“What continues to drive me and makes me want to come to work at Farm Credit is that our organization is very collaborative with a fairly flat structure,” says Luis. “There aren’t an excessive amount of steps you have to take to get something done. You actually have opportunities to try new things.”

Teamwork, team play
Luis, who is currently pursuing a Master of business administration, appreciates the various backgrounds of his colleagues as well as their abilities and ambitions to help the team succeed. “Coming from an innovation background, one of the things I admire most about innovation is the diversity of thought,” says Luis. “I always think that whenever there is a problem, it’s usually people’s own creativity that limits them from arriving at potential solutions. I sincerely enjoy our team because I’m continuously learning different approaches to solving problems.”

But even rewarding activities like innovation and problem-solving need to occasionally make way for relaxation and downtime. For example, on Pi Day, which is celebrated annually on March 14, the process improvement and execution (PIE) team celebrated big time with — what else? — pie. “We had goofy T-shirts made for our team and had a great afternoon,” says Chuck. “It was an opportunity to spend time together and enjoy each other’s company without it being all business.”


Backgrounds prepared them for the here and now
Even with their diverse and extensive histories, Chuck and Luis share an ability to use the insights they have gained over the years and turn them into qualities they employ each day to serve Farm Credit and its customers.

“In the military, you had to have initiative, but you also had to rely on your team members,” says Chuck. “At Farm Credit, we’re all different, but we share one purpose, which is to secure the future of rural communities and agriculture. In the end, it’s about achieving that common goal. Each of us does it differently, and we all appreciate those differences.”

“When you think about Farm Credit, there’s ‘credit’ in the name and there’s ‘farm’ in the name,” says Luis. “But look at me. I’m from Brooklyn, New York, and have had various things in my background — military, consulting, innovation, etc. And I found a home here at Farm Credit Mid-America in Louisville, Kentucky.

“I like to tell people, ‘You’d be surprised at what you find at Farm Credit.’ Because that really is the case.”

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