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$300 Million in Indiana Crops’ Value Lost to Flooding So Far

6/29/2015 Indiana Ag News

Torrential rains and resulting flooding have destroyed as much as 5 percent of Indiana’s corn and soybean crops and already cost the state’s agricultural economy about $300 million since the beginning of June. 

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Profit Margin Squeeze Raises Risk

A challenge for crop producers is that input costs tend to jump quickly when commodity prices rise, but adjust downward slowly when grain prices fall. Even as farm income from corn, soybeans and wheat has dropped sharply over the past three years, total costs for land, seed and other crop inputs have not adjusted nearly as much.

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Breaking cultural barriers, one 4-H’er at a time

6/24/2015 Kentucky FFA and 4-H

Kentucky 4-H is nearing the end of its first yearlong international exchange with a student from Japan. Young people involved in the program have learned about other cultures and gained valuable work and life skills like cultural sensitivity, confidence and communication. 

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3 Tips for Managing the Margin Squeeze

With downward net farm and net cash income forecasts, managing risk and controlling costs on balance sheets is even more important for growth-oriented farmers.

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Managing Uncertainty, Risk and Interest Rates

No one — farmers included — can plan for everything the market doles out. However, there are steps you can take to help mitigate risk and alleviate uncertainties. 

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FAA expects to clear U.S. commercial drones within a year

U.S. commercial drone operations could take flight on a large scale by this time next year, as federal regulators finalize rules allowing widespread unmanned aerial system use by companies.

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USDA Reports Review: 'Highly Tentative' June Numbers Released

When all was said and done following the release of USDA's June Crop Production and WASDE reports, nothing much had changed in the grains.

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Crop Insurance Helps Farmers Survive Unpredictable Weather

Crop insurance is the centerpiece of the farm safety net, writes a farmer in Northfield, Minnesota.

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Should the Federal Government Forgive Young Farmers' Student Loan Debt?

A new bill introduced in Congress looks to add farmers to the list of public service professions eligible for student debt forgiveness.

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UK soybean hull research gives options to Kentucky cattle farmers

6/5/2015 Kentucky Ag News

Kentucky cattle farmers have reaped the benefits of research conducted over the past 20 years.

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