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Prep for Years of Narrow Margins, Ag Economist Advises

7/21/2015 Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee Ag News

A number of farm borrowers risk failing credit standards if cash rents don't come into alignment with lower prices.


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Where to Start on Succession Planning

7/16/2015 Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee Ag News

While you should be aware of all the scenarios that could play out in the event of lack of succession planning, for the purposes of this article, let’s assume you have already decided it’s time to put your planning in motion. But where do you start?

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USDA Announces Conservation Incentives for Working Grass, Range and Pasture Lands

7/16/2015 Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee Legislation

The USDA announced that beginning September 1, farmers and ranchers can apply for financial assistance to help conserve working grasslands, rangeland and pastureland while maintaining the areas as livestock grazing lands.

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Assessing the 2015 Corn Crop

7/14/2015 Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee Ag News

The USDA is now saying 69% of the corn crop is rated good-to-excellent, while 9% is rated poor-to-very poor.

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Profit Margin Squeeze Raises Risk

7/14/2015 Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee Ag News, Farm Credit Articles

Net cash income is projected to decline 22% from 2014. That’s less than the decline in net farm income because cash income includes the sale of carryover stocks from 2014. Net farm income reflects only the earnings from production that occurred in that calendar year.

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Flooding Remains a Threat to Midwest's Soybean, Corn Fields

7/8/2015 Indiana, Ohio Ag News

Some areas of central Midwest received as much as 3 inches to 5 inches of above-normal rainfall in late June, a continuation of this spring and early summer’s very wet weather pattern

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Crop insurance vital this year

7/2/2015 Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee Ag News

Crop damage from flooding is widespread and varies throughout the Corn Belt.  Jason Alexander, vice president of crop insurance for Farm Credit Mid-America says it is important for farmers to be well educated on all their options.

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$300 Million in Indiana Crops’ Value Lost to Flooding So Far

6/29/2015 Indiana Ag News

Torrential rains and resulting flooding have destroyed as much as 5 percent of Indiana’s corn and soybean crops and already cost the state’s agricultural economy about $300 million since the beginning of June. 

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Profit Margin Squeeze Raises Risk

6/24/2015 Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee Farm Credit Articles

A challenge for crop producers is that input costs tend to jump quickly when commodity prices rise, but adjust downward slowly when grain prices fall. Even as farm income from corn, soybeans and wheat has dropped sharply over the past three years, total costs for land, seed and other crop inputs have not adjusted nearly as much.

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Breaking cultural barriers, one 4-H’er at a time

6/24/2015 Kentucky FFA and 4-H

Kentucky 4-H is nearing the end of its first yearlong international exchange with a student from Japan. Young people involved in the program have learned about other cultures and gained valuable work and life skills like cultural sensitivity, confidence and communication. 

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