Planting Challenges - Spring 2020



Spring weather this year has prevented or delayed planting for some producers. Know your options before filing a Prevent Plant claim.

June 02, 2020    |    News Stories

This spring has presented a variety of challenges for farmers. While COVID-19 has impacted grain, livestock and other agricultural industries, heavy rains in some areas may prevent or delay planting. As we approach or even pass the final plant dates across our territory, Farm Credit Mid-America wants to be sure and provide our customers with the information they need to make decisions about late planting or Prevent Plant claims.

The final plant dates for corn and soybeans in Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky and Tennessee are outlined in the below infographics.

Final Plant Dates, Corn 2020: Indiana and Ohio, June 5; Kentucky, May 31; Tennessee, May 20 or May 25

Final Plant Dates, Soybeans 2020: Indiana and Ohio, June 20; Kentucky and Tennessee, June 15 for FAC or June 25 for NFAC

For producers who have been unable to get crops planted by these dates, we have provided an informational video overview of the options available during the late planting period.

Our Crop Insurance team at Farm Credit Mid-America is prepared to discuss the options that can best help you now. Please reach out to your Crop Insurance Specialist with any questions you may have.

*Prepared by Farm Credit Mid-America for general informational purposes. Please contact your Farm Credit Mid-America Crop Insurance Specialist to discuss your specific situation and questions.