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Improve Your Cash Flow with Farm Cash ManagementĀ®



Farm Cash Management accounts add flexibility, help earn interest on excess operating loan funds and are available exclusively to Farm Credit customers.

March 13, 2018
Whether an operation is 500 acres or 5,000, farmers need flexibility and convenience to accommodate their shifting business needs. Adding Farm Cash Management services to your operating loan can help save both time and money.

“Farmers need flexibility to accommodate their business needs.”

How It Works
Farm Cash Management® investment accounts link your revolving line of credit with an AgriBank Money Market investment to cut the cost of your operating loan. This account adds a level of flexibility to your finances by helping excess funds earn competitive interest rates and work harder for you. These accounts pay down your loan first and move excess funds into an investment account that typically pays higher interest rates than short-term investments.

Using the account is as simple as making a loan payment, using your disbursement card or writing a credit line draft on your operating loans.

In addition to investing your unused operating credit to earn more income, Farm Cash Management accounts come with other key benefits:
  • Tax-free: Interest earned through your account is exempt from state and local income taxes.
  • Maintain liquidity: You can disburse the cash in your account without withdrawals or penalty fees, which means your investment is available wherever you need it.
The benefits of a Farm Cash Management investment account are available exclusively to Farm Credit customers.



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Rate as of March 14th, 2018 and is subject to change without notice. This is not an offer for the sale of Farm Cash Management® (FCM®) investment accounts or AgriBank Money Market investments. Such investments are not insured by or a direct obligation of the United States government. FCM investments can only be purchased directly from AgriBank, FCB. Carefully review the disclosure information provided to all prospective purchasers prior to purchasing. Farm Credit associations are not authorized to represent AgriBank regarding such investment accounts. You should not rely on any statement or opinion of our associations or personnel in deciding upon the safety and soundness of FCM accounts or their suitability for your particular situation. Certain terms and conditions apply to FCM accounts.

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