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It starts with the essentials.

Cash for seed, fertilizer, feed and more – it's the lifeblood of your operation. And, with an operating loan from Farm Credit Mid-America, it's something you no longer have to worry about. 

Borrow and repay at the right time

With a single revolving line of credit, you can take advantage of discounted farm inputs, minimal paperwork and maximum profitability.

Maximum returns on idle cash

With the utilization of a Farm Cash Management®* account, funds deposited first pay down your loan principal. Any surplus is automatically shifted into a Money Market Investment account.

Solutions tailored for you

We offer adjustable or prime-indexed loans, LIBOR interest rate maturities and fully fixed-rate loans to help you manage interest-rate risk.

Competitive interest rates

Our operating loan accrues interest on the outstanding loan balance only. With no outstanding balance, no interest accrues.

Convenient access to funds

Access funds through drafts, disbursement cards and wires. We also offer a mobile banking app, in the Apple and Google Play stores.

*Subject to credit approval and eligibility. This is not an offer for the sale of Farm Cash Management® (FCM) investment accounts or AgriBank Money Market investments. Such investments are not insured by or a direct obligation of the United States government. FCM investments can only be purchased directly from AgriBank, FCB. Carefully review the disclosure information provided to all prospective purchasers prior to purchasing. Farm Credit associations are not authorized to represent AgriBank regarding such investment accounts. You should not rely on any statement or opinion of our associations or personnel in deciding upon the safety and soundness of FCM accounts or their suitability for your particular situation. Certain terms and conditions apply to FCM accounts.