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Equity Loans


Immediate Access

Immediate access to money for farm or family needs with convenient drafts or through our 24-hour online banking site.

Payments Replenish Credit Line

Credit line replenished as principal payments are made on the loan.

No Opening Fee

No up-front fees required to open your account. Generally, no appraisal fee for your property if an existing appraisal can be used. Equity lines with less than a $10,000 average outstanding balance over 12 months incur a $100 service charge.

Flexible Loan and Payment Options

No Penalities

Make interest-only payments, or principal and interest payments, anytime, without penalties or fees.

Competitive Loan Rates

Loans are priced based on the current New York Prime Rate index plus a margin. To obtain this rate, your payment must be automatically transferred from your checking or savings accounts through our PAID (automatic payment) program.

Payment Options

Interest-only payments if you qualify Principal and interest payments any time without penalties or fees.

Home equity loans disclosure

Resources and Tools

If you’d like to expedite the loan application process, consider gathering the below items prior to calling or meeting with us:

  • Most recent tax returns from the past two years
  • Bank statement
  • W-2 and pay stubs

Calculate Your Payments

Determine your payment or loan amount for different frequencies and schedules.

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