4-H: A View from Inside the Ring



Get an insider's look behind the scenes at a county fair 4-H show.

Farm Credit Mid-America is a longtime supporter of 4-H, and is proud to partner with them in our purpose to secure the future of rural communities and agriculture. 4-H is a dynamic organization that engages youth in a wide variety of activities, including livestock shows. We went behind the scenes at the Orange County Fair in Indiana to give you an insider’s look at the passion and commitment required to exhibit in the ring at a 4-H show.

To explore these 360° videos on a computer, click and drag your mouse or use the pan feature in the upper-left corner. You’ll need to play these videos using the latest version of Chrome, Firefox or Opera. On a mobile device, simply move your device and watch the scene move with you. 

Farm Credit and 4-H: Making the Best Better
Watch Monica Robinson and her father, Roger Robinson, explain how they prepare Monica's heifer for a spin around the show ring.

Farm Credit and 4-H: The Calm Before the Show
4-H member Whitney Holsapple makes sure her heifer is in tip-top shape for when the livestock show kicks into high gear.

Farm Credit and 4-H: Preparing Swine for Their Time to Shine
4-H extension educator Paul Vining describes the fast-paced nature of a swine show and how the 4-H community sets kids up for success.

Farm Credit and 4-H: Work Hard and Win Humbly
Hear from cattle judge Brandon Bratcher, who speaks about 4-H and its positive impact on the community.