Building a Dream



A customer’s hunt to find the perfect property leads to the construction of his dream home


“I'd looked for two years to find a piece of property like this,” says Lee Fisher, a lifelong resident of Indiana who turned to Rural 1st® when he was ready to realize his dream of living in the country.

“I always wanted to live in the country with some space around me,” Lee says. “One of my friends told me to go to Rural 1st® and, they were right on the money ‘cause they helped me out quite a bit.”

Growing up in the city and dreaming of living out where it was quiet, Lee knew he wanted to find a property with some land. He took his time looking for the right fit.

“When I finally found this property, I thought ‘I hit the jackpot,’” he says.

It was a 30-acre farm outside of South Bend, Indiana that already had a beautiful barn. In 2013, Lee purchased this dream property with financing through Rural 1st®, Farm Credit Mid-America’s rural lending division. With the property secured, Lee turned to the next phase of his rural living plan: the construction of his dream home.

“I finally pulled the trigger on building my dream home because I can't sit in an apartment and live like that,” Lee says. “It’s located just close enough to town but far enough away.”

Lee wanted to build a log home and to play an active role in the construction process. He found a log home manufacturer and began recruiting local contractors to help with the build. Once again, he worked closely with the team at Rural 1st® to finance the construction and manage every step of the process.

While log homes may be common in mountain towns, they’re not as common in South Bend. Lee credits much of the build’s success to the local experts who have provided sage counsel.

The property also features another uncommon feature: a runway that allows Lee to fly-in and fly-out from his own backyard. A pilot by trade, his plane is the one noisy aspect visitors will find at his otherwise quiet rural retreat.

When asked what Lee was looking forward to most once construction was finished, he said: “I’m looking forward to having family over to just sit and relax,” he says. “I’ve got another year or two until retirement.” Until retirement comes, he said he’s looking forward to watching the sun come up across the alfalfa field in the mornings.