Ohio Pork Council



Raising the profile of modern pork production

For nearly 50 years, the Ohio Pork Council has been dedicated to benefiting all of Ohio’s pork producers. The council now serves approximately 2,500 members and is continuing to build a viable pork industry for the future.

Through our work with the Ohio Pork Producers, we are helping raise the profile of modern pork production among people not directly involved in farming, as well as among school children — who will grow up to be tomorrow’s farmers or tomorrow’s consumers. We have even helped bring pork production directly into the classroom through Virtual Pork Tours (online live or recorded video field trips) and table-top models of modern production barns that travel to schools and fairs.

We also helped the Pork Council connect producers to the hungry in their community through a donation to the innovative Pork Power initiative. Pork Power bought hogs from local producers and donated them to food banks, where fresh, protein-packed meals are rare. The program directly benefited producers, pork processors and community members who were having trouble putting food on the table.