Kentucky Cattlemen’s Association



Highlighting best practices and innovations

The Kentucky Cattlemen’s Association provides a strong voice for the 38,000 beef producers in the state. It also helps disseminate information and provide education for both consumers and producers, while helping to increase profitability within the industry.

Kentucky ranks fifth nationally in the number of cattle farms, and nearly 20 percent of Farm Credit Mid-America customers raise beef as their primary activity. We work with the Kentucky Cattlemen’s Association to help develop the industry and build relationships with farmers.

As cosponsors of the annual Fact Tour, on which farmers visit other states or countries, we are dedicated to helping current producers expand their understanding of best practices and leading innovations. We are looking to the future, as sponsors of the annual Heifer Initiative with both the Kentucky and the Tennessee Cattlemen’s Association. The program awards promising young people ages 9 to 21 with their own heifer to raise, perhaps as a start to their own herd.